As of Wednesday at 2:15 p.m., I will officially be done with all of my undergraduate classes. Even now, I only have three things left to do: a legal systems final, 2 observations at a local high school, and my education portfolio conference. My portfolio is done, my notes are printed and outlined for legal systems, and all I have to do is go sit at the high school for three hours so I’m pretty much done! Woo!

I’ve sent in my seat deposit and am waiting to get my letter from the school to set up my email and all of that fun stuff. I’m also working on a summer job, hopefully at my dad’s company. The pay is great and the work is easy.

I’m also excited to move! When I woke up this morning, my key no longer locked/unlocked my door. So I had to go down to the leasing office, convince them (again) that I will be moving out on May 1, not April 30 (because of that little thing called graduation, you know?), and then make sure that my key actually works. Hopefully it will hold through May 1, but there is no guarantee here. A friend got three eviction notices–for three different months–because no one bothered to write down that they had received her check. Her eviction notices all came after they cashed her check, too. So I can’t wait.

Speaking of housing, I’ve been looking at one bedroom apartments in my new city. I really don’t want a roommate after living with my sister for a couple of years, but one bedroom apartments in complexes are very expensive. Thankfully the Law School has a listing of apartments for rent and I’ve found one that is partially furnished (don’t have to buy furniture, yay!), is a 1/2 mile from the Law School and isn’t outside of my budget. I’m hoping to visit sometime in May and get everything squared away.

Four more days!