I’ve officially passed all of my classes (not that it was really in doubt), so I have graduated and can go to law school in the fall. Graduation was a week ago, and it still seems unreal. It hasn’t really hit me that I’m really done with my undergrad school. It doesn’t feel like I’m done with school, it just feels like any other summer. I guess that is a good thing, with law school looming on the horizon, but I still think I should feel different. Maybe it will different once I have my degree in hand. Maybe.

For now its time to sit back and enjoy my lazy summer. Except for all that getting ready for law school stuff. Like going to visit my new city to look at one of the apartments I’ve been talking to. My mom is going with me, which is exciting. She hasn’t been to my new city since before my parents got married (which was more than 30 years ago), so it will be fun. We’re going to visit some of my friends from my first undergrad university, which isn’t too far from my new city.