This week I signed a lease for my new place, so that is one thing I can check off my list of things to do. It’s a small one bedroom place not too far from school. The landlord is so nice and I get cable and internet included in my rent. Apparently the water bill is cheap over the year so I won’t have to worry too much about how much my housing is going to cost next year. I also love the fact that I won’t have a roommate. I haven’t had the best luck with roommates so far, and I really didn’t want to room with other law students. Too much pressure and even though I’m not all that competitive, I feel like living with someone who is going through the exact same thing that I am would only bring out the competitive feelings I have.

I also have a new car! My sister and I have shared a car since my senior year of high school. It was, nominally, her car because she drove it when we first took it home. It was her car for two years after I went away to college and she remained in high school. Even after we shared it, she always called it “her car.” So now I have my own car to call mine. Its a 2010 Nissan Versa that had only 100 miles on it when I drove it off the lot. It’s a little hatchback in a beautiful shiny color and I love it. It rides well and it is so quiet. I’m taking it on its first real trip on Monday when I drive up to visit my sister and help a friend of mine study for the LSAT.

Unfortunately, my list of things to do before law school is only marginally shorter now than it was a week ago. I still have to (in no particular):

  • Buy books
  • Sort through and repack all of my stuff
  • Buy new stuff (who can move and not buy new things?)
  • Move
  • Find a summer job and then quit at the end of July
  • Spend as much time as possible with my family before I disappear 1000 miles away
  • Enjoy seeing the sun on a daily basis
  • Break in my new car
  • Read law school books in an effort to avoid the panic that will inevitably set in (see next bullet point)
  • Panic about law school
  • Spend as much time as possible with the boyfriend, when we are in the same country (and state)
  • Get situated in the new city so that law school is much less scary

The countdown is at 85 days. Less than 3 months and I will be starting orientation and the next chapter of my life begins. Is the panic here yet?