I had to get two lovely shots today so that I can attend school in the fall. Apparently my tetanus shot ran out last year (oops) so I got a brand new one. And now my arm hurts. I think they plan to give it in your left arm, because it hurts and because so few people are left handed, but it sucks when you are. Every time I go to pick something up or move things my arm aches. My right arm doesn’t hurt near as much, but it wasn’t a tetanus shot so… Meh.

Once I send my school a picture of me I will be registered for fall classes, although I won’t get the schedule until July. It will be nice to have everything I can do for school done (as of tomorrow) and then its just summer break. I’ve got eight new (fiction) books to read for the summer, and Borders keep sending me 40% off coupons. Every time I get one, I am practically drawn to the store to buy a book. I’m currently working on The Abstinence Teacher by Tom Perotta. I loved him book Little Children and so far the new book is pretty amazing, too. Being the bookworm that I am, and only have room for a few books next year, I want to read as many of my favorites as I can this summer.

I finally got my degree from my undergrad the other day. It’s very pretty (surprisingly) and it was nice that I didn’t have to go back to the school to pick it up. I was going to get a frame for it, and I might do so eventually, but for now I will keep it in the little folder I actually got at graduation.