Yesterday I signed on for $100k in debt over the next three years. It’s exciting because it was the last step I had to complete before I was done with everything law school related (until August). But its very scary. I’ve never bought anything with my own money of any value, really, I mean, my parents bought my car as a graduation gift. But I am glad that everything is done. Now all I have to do for school is wait for my schedule and buy books. I really want to get this done. Not because I want to get a jump start on classes, but because I like organization. I want to know when my classes will be and what books I need. During my undergrad, I planned out my schedule two years in advance. Because I’m that obsessive-compulsive. So now I’m just waiting.

Aside from the waiting *fun*, life is so relaxing/boring. In some ways time is flying by (how is it already the middle of June?) but at the same time it is dragging on. I think the dragging comes from the waiting. I’m not working this summer, because I’m visiting my boyfriend the first week of July and moving the last week of July, which left two weeks to work that month. Jobs around here are scarce, because tourism has taken a hit this summer because of the oil spill. Most places weren’t hiring for the summer anyway, but the fact that the oil is changing people’s travel plans and destinations doesn’t help. The only places I know of that are hiring are about 45 minutes (by highway) from my house each way. That’s a lot of gas to use for short shifts.

As far as the oil spill, we just need BP and everyone else who is working to stop the leak to get it done so that cleanup can really be the focus. I know absolutely nothing about the technology and science of it all, but as a Gulf Coast resident, I would love to know that the beaches and places I grew up with and love are going to remain as beautiful as I remember. Although I live a little further inland now, we used to live at one of the beaches that is getting tar balls right now. It’s sad to see; Gulf beaches around here have (had?) beautiful white sand and, aside from that one jellyfish that had it in for me when I was four, I’ve always loved being there.

… Although swimming in the Gulf in August is liking swimming in a bathtub. Way too hot for me. 😉