The saga of internet-less days continues. So far, the total number of days without internet has reached 10. And it will reach at least 19 before I have a shot at internet. I’ve been going round-and-round with Verizon for the past couple of days before they finally told me something about my order (beyond the online status checker telling me that everything was “On Schedule”). Apparently they didn’t “activate” my phone service until today, although it has been working since last Wednesday. They should have sent the modem/router for the internet last Wednesday, meaning it would have arrived last Friday, but no dice. They now won’t ship it until next Monday and it won’t arrive at my apartment until next Wednesday. At least I will soon have school to keep me company, as my sister is leaving tomorrow.

Speaking of school, I went on a wild adventure to get my parking permit for the school year. According to the 7,589,326 (actual number: about 10) emails the law school has sent it, you can purchase a parking permit at the parking office on the main campus of the university. They make it sound so simple: just look for the parking garage and parking services is right next to it. I’m used to parking garages that are several stories high, made out of concrete, and do not contain anything underground (because it would be a very large and expensive swimming pool if you tried). This parking garage was very small, made of brick, and you entered by going underground. Needless to say, I drove around the main campus three times before I actually found this building. It doesn’t help that there are two streets with the same name and parking services was on the one that I wasn’t. But $300 later, I can now park on campus until September 2011. As well as (almost) all of main campus, if I ever feel the need to get horribly lost again. There is a good chance of that, what with trying to get a student id sometime this week. But at least now I know that all roads in this town do lead to the University, in some way, shape, or form.

I also went to a small get-together thrown by some of my future classmates. It was very nice to get to meet people before being thrown into the madness of law school. Thankfully, I didn’t feel too out of place. Most people, like me, didn’t know what kind of law they wanted to practice and no one was overly well-versed in law and legal terms. Meeting people makes law school seem ever more real, which I guess is a good thing. Orientation starts a week from today, classes a week after that, and then everything goes to chaos from there. I’m hoping that at least some of these people are in my classes (as we appear to not really have “sections” like everyone else) so the first day is less awkward.