I’ve officially be a 1L for two weeks and it feels like its been at least a month. That seems to be the consensus among the 1Ls here, at least. I’m not even sure why it feels like such a long time. The reading hasn’t been too difficult or overwhelming. The cases mostly make sense and so far (other than Crim Law) there haven’t been too many on any given night. It just feels like we’ve been in school forever.

So far, I love my professors. Professor Torts is amazing. Although the class can be a bit confusing and we don’t always seem to answer the questions that we actually need to answer, she clears it up if you ask her after class. Professor Crim Law is getting less scary. He freaked me out a little bit the first day (when he kept asking “Are you sure?” after everything someone said), but now that we’ve gotten settled in he’s not as scary. Most of the time he’s pretty funny. And Professor Civ Pro is so sweet. I really like her class a lot, even if the subject matter is really dry.

I’ve been to (almost) all of the club interest meetings, trying to find the one’s that interest me. I’ve settled on a couple, mostly focused on public interest topics. I’ve already gotten involved in two, one with that will (hopefully) help me out in the summer and another in an area that I really find interesting. As the semester getting going, I’m sure that I will have less time to be involved but right now I’m really excited about both of them.

I think we’ve identified the gunner of the class. I don’t even know if he is a “gunner” per se or if it is just that he doesn’t quite fit in with everyone else. He sat through Torts one day with his hand up the entire class. He never put it down, he just typed with one hand as he held up the other. Thankfully, Professor Torts never called on him but still. His only contributions so far in our various classes (we’re not in sections yet he’s in all of mine) have been to restate, in several sentences full of 20-letter words, what everyone else said much more succinctly.

We’ve also got a couple of people who are way to freaked out about the end of the semester. I would prefer to not think about finals. It’s September. We’ve only been in class for two weeks. I’m not even thinking about October yet, let alone finals. Especially since all of our professors spelled out for us that they are open book on the first day/in an email during Orientation. Right now it is time to chill out and get to know people.

Some people are also worked up about jobs. I don’t even know what I want to do next summer (other than that I want to work), and people are already worked up about jobs that they won’t be able to apply to because of the ABA rules about 1Ls. I really don’t think those jobs would take 1Ls anyway, but its a little to crazy for me to worry about jobs that you can’t get, even if you really want them. Right now I just want to worry about things like joinder and battery, not where I’m going to work next summer, thank you.