I’m a 20-something soon-to-be law student. I just finished my bachelor’s degree in history at a small state school in the Deep South. I love reading real newspapers (even if the industry is dying), I think because I was a communication major for most of my college career. I spent half of my last year in undergrad with eighth graders teaching them American history and laughing at the various crazy things they say every day. I listen to almost any music, but I especially love Haydn’s works and I’m currently obsessed with The Fray. I love greyhounds and if law students didn’t spend all of their time at school, I would have several in my house at all times. I love to laugh and I can usually find humor in anything. If I weren’t going to law school, I would teach history in middle school, despite the fact that six months ago I would have given anything to get a high school placement.

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